Guide to Good Divorce Behavior (Sori & Heckert, 2003)


Divorce and separation can be a stressful transition to children and adolescents. Just like the adults in their lives, feelings of loss, anxiety, sadness and anger can impact their emotional and relational functioning. Many youth may develop behavioral and relational challenges as a result of their inability to process the feelings about the changes.

Several interventions can assist children and families to alleviate the stress of a transition. Henderson Behavioral Health, LLC is currently offering Individual and family therapy services.

***Henderson Behavioral Health, LLC and Jennifer Henderson, DBH, LPC can not perform custody evaluations. The focus of services is on supporting youth during family transitions with inclusion of both parents when available.

Fees for mandated court appearances and testimony are HIGH. Please be AWARE.  We do this as our goal is to help parents work together on a parenting plan outside of the legal system rather than against each other.  


Supporting kids when Co-Parenting


"Every relational attachment a child has shapes their development.  Our best chance at developing healthy children is by supporting the adults who love and care for them.  In my entire career, I have never met a parent who didn't love their child.  What many have struggled with is the skills to demonstrate that love in the way the child needs...and the beautiful reality is the skills can be taught!"

Jennifer Henderson